16 Jul

How to Make Webinars Accessible and Interactive to All Web Surfers with Group Chat for website

Knowledge and information are important part of success. Thanks to the Internet, answers to questions can be found online. Even seminars are available online which are called webinars. This has made learning more convenient. You don’t need to get out of the house or spend for travelling just to attend the seminars you’re interested in. I’ve tried a webinar that tackles about self-reliance and was satisfied with the information I’ve gained aside from the real time discussions I’ve experienced. I was able to throw questions to the facilitators and also exchange ideas with other web visitors. The chat room was fashionably designed and can also play music which made the interaction more interesting.

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I’ve gained the knowledge I need and had come to discover a chat application that I can also embed in my own blog. Since my interest and focus is about human nature and interaction, installing a chatbox in my site has proven to be effective both in increasing my web traffic and improve online presence. In just a few weeks my social network expanded because of Chatwing’s group chat room for website social media integration feature. Facebook and Twitter users can access the chat room by logging in with their social media accounts. This helped me build my subscriber database.


I can also go back to the webinar site and post questions that cross my mind. I always get prompt answers from the administrator plus some other equally important insights from other visitors. The chat tool platform is stable enough o handle thousands of users that participate in the chat discussions. Doing my research and because I am using Chatwing, too, I’ve discovered that the web shoutbox is flexible that it can facilitate real time interaction among thousands of users or to chosen groups for private chats.


Chatwing group chat room for website also allows multiple moderator set up that is ideal for webinars or even niche blogs that requires conversation exchange. Its full conversation control feature makes monitoring easy to accomplish, too. Cool emoticons and cute avatars are also available for a more entertaining chat experience.


As an end user, I can say that webinars with installed chat software have an edge over the others in terms of providing a quality online seminar. Also, since I’ve installed Chatwing chat tool as well, I can attest to its efficiency in providing global connectivity real time.